On May the 24th Look Out! Theatre Company came to our school to perform two of their shows.

The first one was “Lemon Thieves” and the 4th and 5th graders enjoyed it a lot. They listened to the actors and got the opportunity to take part in a police investigation and in a general knowledge quiz.

The second one was “Stone Soup” and the children from 1st to 3rd grade really liked the play and they loved the end because the Big Bad Wolf ate the delicious soup and was too full up to eat Little Red Hen.


Vídeo “Stone Soup” …


Cooking workshop: an  easy trifle recipe

On May the 24th, Berta, a famous chef from the Look Out! Theatre Company, came to our school and proposed a cooking workshop with the 6th graders.

She brought all the ingredients and our pupils provided the utensils. Students were divided into five groups and made five trifles. At the end of this activity, students washed the utensils, but their cakes needed to be refrigerated for a few hours, so…

In the afternoon, they ate their delicious trifles. It was an amazing experience!!!

Here is the recipe. Enjoy it! Yummy!